4 Oct '17: ATC WEEKLY

ATC Sunset Team Trial – Training this week – Gun Run

ATC Summer Sunset Team Time Trial

The ATC Summer Sunset Team Time Trial date is set for Wednesday 18 October 2017 and Entries are now open!  This fun relay, consisting of 4 x 3 Km laps through the Green Point Urban Park, will be hosted at the Green Point Cricket Club (GPCC)
This time, we will be using Batons with timing chips to assist with recording individual lap times!
ATC Members, we need your assistance with the event!  If you would like to help before, during or after the event, please let us know through the following link:  Click Here to Volunteer
To enter, all you need is your team name and the category you would like to compete in.  Then visit the ATC SSTTT Event Page to Enter!  Once entered, you will be provided with a link for your team members to provide their details.
If you already know all the details and rules, you can skip directly to the On-Line Entry Page.
Coached Group Training for Bay2Bay
Embark’ s coached group training for the Ocean Basket Bay2Bay run, which takes place on the 7th of January 2018, starts on 17 October 2017. The Bay2Bay run is from Camps Bay to Hout Bay and back.  You can run one way (15 Km), or you can choose to run there and back (30 Km).
This is a great run to train for during summer, and gives a nice option for the 15kms, or to step up your half marathon training and aim towards 30kms!  There will be 2 groups for the program, one for each distance.  There will be 4 coached group sessions per week and will be a mix of hill work, speed work, strength work and long runs.  It’s fun and social and everyone gets something out the session, beginner or advanced athletes. There is always a coach at the sessions.
For more details visit www.embark.co.za or contact Steve@embark.co.za.

TRAINING:  Details here...

SWIM:  The canal swim will be on Friday morning at 06:15.  This is our time slot for the next couple of weeks.  Once it is light enough at 06:00 we will start a bit earlier
BIKE:  On Saturday we will have a support vehicle accompany us on our training ride.  All members are welcome to join in but please bring R50 to contribute towards fuel and the driver
Please arrive at the Paddocks Shopping Centre by 05:45 and be ready to ride at 06:00.
We will ride from the Paddocks through Durbanville, past the Silos, along the R312 towards Klein-Joostenberg to the 60 Km mark and return the same way.  You can turn earlier if you wish for a shorter ride.
The support vehicle is the ATC Ranger.  Please ensure that you have ATC Admin (0733083127) on WhatsApp.
RUN:  Track will be at the Green Point Athletics Track, on Tuesday morning at 06:00 and on Wednesday evening at 18:00.  

EVENTS:  Details here...

Good luck to all the runners doing the Gun Run on Sunday!  We will set up the gazebos at the venue early on Sunday morning.
For information on other events taking place this coming weekend, please follow the links provided below:
Event Name
Wednesday, 4. October 2017
Road Run
Zone Fitness, Bellville
Thursday, 5 to  8 October 2017
DU- MTB & Run
Western Cape
Saturday, 7. to Sunday, 8. October 2017
Trail Run
Trails End, Grabouw
Saturday, 7. October 2017
Trail Run
Nuweberg, Grabouw
Saturday, 7. October 2017
Road Run
Sunday, 8. October 2017
Road Cycling
Simons Vlei Wine Estate
Sunday, 8. October 2017
Road Run
Beach Rd, Sea Point - Green Point Rugby Fields

Future Events:

Torpedo SwimRun –  19 Nov
Most of us ride or run the stretch of road between Hout Bay and Clifton at least once a week but have never experienced the varying trail and rocky sections, not to mention the interesting water entries and exists that this coastline offers.  The inaugural Torpedo SwimRun, held in January, was a fantastic experience and a terrific showcase of this, in and out of the water, between Sandy Bay and Clifton.  The next event is set to take place on 19 November.  For more details, visit:  http://torpedoswimrun.com/
Torpedo Tour – 7 Oct
You can get a taste of what SwimRun is all about his Saturday in the Torpedo Tour.  It will give you a chance to scout race lines or gain confidence for race day.  You are welcome to join the Tour as an individual or team.  Individuals will be paired up on the morning with a safety buddy.  Book a spot the Tour here.
Enjoy the week!