Triathlon Membership

The Atlantic Triathlon Club was how it all started!  In 2006, founding and current Chairman, STeve Attwell, returned from London, where he was actively involved in Triathlon.  STeve recognised the need for an active Triathlon Club in the City and Atlantic Seaboard.  The club was formed and reach the initial target of 80 members within the first year.  

We found that we were getting a lot of interest in the club from non-triathletes that wanted to be part of the increasingly popular sports club, so in 2009 we formed ATC Multisport.  The Atlantic Triathlon Club became a sub-club of ATC Multisport and continued to focus on Triathlon.  In 2012 we convinced WP Triathlon to offer a recreational license option to members who are avid Triathletes but are not interested in competing at National or International level.  To complement and promote TSA Membership, we revived the original Atlantic Triathlon Club membership, at rates lower than when the club started in 2006!

The Atlantic Triathlon Club continues as a fully registered Western Province Triathlon registered club, which forms part of Triathlon South Africa.  We are one of the most proactive triathlon clubs in South African and we work very closely with the provincial body to drive the numbers of members into the sport. We can proudly say that we boast half of WPTA's registered members! 

Triathletes can join the Atlantic Triathlon Club for an annual membership fee of R325 and enjoy all the swim / bike / run training facilities on offer.  ATC Multisport and Triathlon Club members can purchase TSA licenses at subsidised rates, when this is done along with a membership purchase.  These rates are shown on our Membership Pages.

We are based in Mouille Point on the Atlantic Seaboard in Cape Town, but welcome members and visitors from across the country and around the world.  So if you’re new to the sport, a seasoned professional, visiting Cape Town on holiday, or here for professional training, get in touch and join the exhilarating world of multisport!

Through the multisport club we offer at least one group training session per discipline (Swim, Bike, and Run) per week.  Our key sessions are the Tuesday & Wednesday Track Runs and the Open Water Swim in the V&A Canal.  We also do Road and Mountain Bike rides during the week and on weekends.  We also offer trail runs throughout the year.

Our weekly training plan is published on this website on the Training page.  Please visit this page to see details for this week.  The individual club membership pages (ATC Swimming, ATC Cycling and ATC Running) will have more details of the various training sessions.