Legends Challenge - 2019

Legends Challenge - 2019

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For the ATC Legends Challenge Season, spanning September 2018 to August 2019, you can claim points for up to 24 events.  These can be any events involving Swimming, Cycling or Running, or a combination of these disciplines.

Points are allocated for all events for which we collected and published results through these seasons as well as events that members specifically claimed points for (through our on-line points form).

Swim, Bike, Run events are rated based on distance and terrain and allocated a certain number of points.

Below are some examples of typical events and points allocated:

SWIM Open Water:  22 Points per Km.  A 1.5 Km Swim counts for 33 Points.
BIKE:   .66 Points per Km.  75 Points for the CTCT (Argus).
RUN:  2 Points per Km.  20 Points for a 10K and 84 Points for a Marathon.
TRIATHLON:  Standard (66), IM 70.3 (125) and Ironman (250).

Members who assist at an ATC Event or Training session earn 200 points per session (up to 400 points per season).

Off-Road / Trail events will earn more points for the same distance.

Very long events, such as Comrades (200 Points) will be weighted more.

The maximum points for a single event are 250.  Multi-Day events can earn more points but then will also count as multiple events of the 24 allowed.  For example, the Cape Epic earns 506 points but counts as 3 events.

To claim your points for other events, please order a Legends Points Claim Ticket from the On-Line Shop at Tri SPaza.  There is no charge for this ticket and we are issuing these to make it easier to log your points, as you don't have to specify your details each time you complete the on-line claim.  You will receive your ticket Order Number via email and will then use this number to claim your points.  You only order the claims ticket once and you use the same Order Number to claim all your points.

To order the Points Claim Ticket, click here:

Order A Legend Points Claim Ticket 

Once you've placed the order, make a note of the Order Number (you will also receive this via email) and click on the link below to claim your points.  

On-line Legends Points Claim Form

Submit Another Response for each event you did but use the same Order Number each time.