ATC Awards - 2019

ATC Awards - 2019

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ATC Awards '19

Our Annual Awards Function will take place on Wedensday, 11 December 2019, in various Pubs in Green Point and the Waterfront. 

This year, due to time constraints, we are combining our Annual Awards Function and Annual Pub Run.   We will have our usual 3 to 4 drink stops and do a couple of awards at each stop.  At the final stop there will be an option to have a sit-down meal.  There will be no charge for the evening, but all drinks and meals will be for your own account.

Nominations for 2019 Awards are now open and will close on Friday 6 December.

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What are the ATC Awards?
ATC has various Performance and Service based awards, done on an annual basis for the period of October till September.  Every year we call for nominations for awards in the Formal and Service categories.  There are also performance awards based purely on results.   Please view the various categories below and then click here to Nominate a fellow member (our yourself) for an award.
Award Title
Nominees have to be Club Members
Most Valued Member.
This is the most prestigious award and goes to a member who has served the club exceptionally well during the year and who's contribution has had a major positive impact on the club.
Male Athlete of the year
Best performing Male athlete in any or multiple disciplines
Female Athlete of the year
Best performing Female athlete in any or multiple disciplines
ATC Swimming Nominations Best performing Swimmer of the year
ATC Cycling
Best performing Cyclist of the year
ATC Running
Best performing Runner of the year
Rookie of the Year
Rookie who has "exploded" onto the multisport scene.   A Rookie is someone who started out (or changed / added disciplines – or moved over from another club / country / province) and performed exceptionally well in relation to other club members.  So not necessarily podiums or team selection but maybe beating peers within the club (like beating the coach!).  "Exploding" is the operative here so it should be someone who podiums / wins.
Most Improved Athlete
Male or Female athlete who has shown the most improvement over the year.  Performance improved in relation to his/her own previous performance – so no podiums or team selection required.  Athletes who also podiumed or raced at international level will stand a better chance of winning.
Best Beginner
A beginner /newcomer is someone who hasn’t done any (regular / consistent) sporting activities before.
The award is based on a significant change in the person or someone who took to the sport amazingly well.  No podiums / brilliant performances are required (or even doing a race for that matter).
Nominees have to be Club Members
Results Based
Most consistent participation in Swim, Bike, Run or Multi-Sport Events.  Members collect points for Participation based on the distance of the event.
Male Club Champ
Results Based
First ATC Male and Female at a single event selected as the ATC Champs Event for a particular discipline / format.
Female Club Champ
Results Based
Nominees do not have to be club members
Best Supporter
Support at, or assistance with events, training sessions.
Acknowledgement for specific contribution / action
Nominees do not have to be club members
Fun Awards / Fines.
Tell Us
Peculiar behaviour or funny incident or blooper at an event or ATC Training session.